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The ultimate goal of psychotherapy is to ensure that the client  feels safe and confidential to grow in the environment  is to help.

Therefore, I provide a supportive and caring environment to understand my clients as much as possible.  

My therapeutic approach as a collaborative process between the client and the therapist, and I believe that a positive therapeutic relationship is a key aspect of successful psychotherapy.

I use interventions that are known to be effective not only to intervene appropriately with my clients, but to deepen my understanding of my clients.  Tailored to each client.  

My approach is shaped by the way I was educated and the personal insights I gained from my training, clinical and field experience.  It's essentially an integrated approach.  

  •  Emotionally _Focused Therapy

:  It is a treatment method that changes the emotions in order to reduce the emotional pain of clients.

 It is the task of resolving emotions by figuring out the information and meaning of emotional experiences,        integrating or correcting “beliefs about self, others, and the world”, and feeling and fully expressing emotions related to emotional experiences.   

  •  Gestalt Therapy

The client recognizes what he or she is doing, how he or she is doing, and how he or she  can change himself, and at the same time learns how to accept and value himself. 

Treatment focuses more on the process (what happens) than on the content (what is being discussed). It is a treatment that focuses on what the client is doing, thinking, and feeling rather than what he or she was doing, what he or she could have been doing, or what he or she should do.

  •   The Gottman Method for couples Therapy

Couples learn to replace negative conflict patterns with positive interactions and heal past wounds.

The intervention of counselors makes changes that improve friendship between couples, deepen emotional connections, and improve the goals shared by couples.

  •   mindfulness


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