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Individual Counseling

English- and Korean-speaking counselors and psychologists provide individualized counseling and assistance that has been proven to be effective both in research studies and in the lives of clients.  We integrate the discoveries of science with individual clinical wisdom and counseling sessions to help you better understand yourself, overcome obstacles, and find the best way forward.  Ultimately, we believe in your potential and help you find it.

  Treatment methods include:
Cognitive Behavioral Counseling
Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)
People-Centered Counseling
Mindfulness and acceptance-based counseling
parenting education
behavioral therapy
Emotion-oriented service
Solution-centric service
Integration service
You can learn:
Developing relationships and social support
Assertiveness and communication skills
Insight building and self-monitoring techniques
relaxation, mindfulness, meditation
social skills development
cognitive restructuring
Stress and Anger Management
activity schedule
emotion regulation skills
Acceptance, Forgiveness, Purpose
… And much more!

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